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Kitchen Backsplash

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Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

With today’s quality of photography and the advantage using of laminated print glass, kitchen backsplashes, far outweigh any other backsplash materials in the industry. Digital Print Laminated Glass Backsplashes have become an alternative in the kitchen designing industry. The positive sides of using glass material? Low maintenance, antimicrobial, doesn’t retain odors, seamless designs, very durable & the list continues. Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding [ PVB] plastic interlayer between two pieces of glass under pressure and heat to attain it’s luxurious look.


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It is our pleasure to collaborate with you in an effort to offer you and/or your clients every option available. You will be more than satisfied with our attention to detail and quality customer service. Regardless of image texture, color, or detail, you can be confident we will create an accurate reproduction.

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Kitchen Backsplash

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